Hi There

I was lucky enough to attend Helen's antenatal classes last year.  What an informative and fun time we had with her. 

Not only is Helen very passionate about her job but she is always just a phone call away when you need any help or guidance.

I think the best part of these classes are definitely the friendships that are made.

As a first time mommy, I felt we were very well prepared for the birthing experience. 


Chantell van Baalen

Antenatal with Helen Was not only a wonderful way to learn all we needed to know about the expected delivery, but also a place to meet the best friends ever.

They become your support like no other friends.

I recommend all expectant moms and dads to attend these classes. Learn, and make as many friends as possible - you will need them!

Claire Wedderburn

Hi Helen,

Thanks for running a super course, below are my reasons why I would suggest that all ladies partake in pre-natal classes of some sort.

1. The most valuable aspect is the opportunity to hang out with other preggy ladies, at a critical and difficult time in one's life. Being surrounded by other people in the same boat as you, allows you to share and to discuss similar problems and challenges, and one leaves a class feeling so much more normal.
2. One acquires invaluable information and foresight into what to expect during pregnancy, labour and beyond. Although no one's experience will be the same, this allows one to feel so much more prepared and at ease.
3. It equips your birthing partner with invaluable skills to help you cope during labour, and informs them of what to expect. It really does offer men insight into the "great unknown".
4. The idea of birth and labour starts to feel like a manageable process rather than the terrifying trauma.
5. One becomes more aware of different options available for pain management during birth, and I believe this will raise the natural birth rate eventually.
6. It differs greatly from reading books or Googling as one interacts with real people who have real experience and assist you on a case by case, personal level.
7. One forges strong bonds with other moms to be, the value of which is massive.
8. The dads network and start to feel like they are forming a suppory basr of new friends in other dads-to-be.
9. The skills learnt extend to how to ensure  that our relationships with our partners, husbands, parents, inlaws and other friends and family remain good, positive and strong after baby's arrival.
10. It definitely strengthens the bind between mom and dad to be... and I believe it will help couples cope better with the challenges of a 3rd little person in the equation.
11. The breastfeeding advice is invaluable!
12. One is made aware of the warning signs of serious issues like postnatal depression, people would seldom consider this before its too late.
13. The link Helen has to the maternity ward at St Georges is so reassuring; we know exactly what to expect when we arrive, we know what to pack, we know all sorts of little secrets as to what people often forget to pack - and even have the added bonus of a full tour of the ward and NICU.
14. Helen offers so much assistance after birth, no book or Google can be there for you in such a real capacity.

15. One doesn't want to learn certain things in life BY ACCIDENT - so its a no brainer - obviously antenatal classes are a must!!

Kelly Ferreira

Hi Helen!

Hope you are well.  Thank you so much for hosting the Q&A session last night, and for always being so willing to go above and beyond your “job” – it really is your calling!    I LOVED LOVED LOVED the classes and jotted down a few notes for moms to be below that you might be able to use for your workshop on the weekend on “Why antenatal classes are important.”

Have an awesome week further and thanks again so much for everything.  Before you know it, Luke and I will be there for vaccinations, teas and chats!  


Linda van Oudheusden